Zurich cultural heritage since 1941

Cultivated history: since the light renovation in 2009/2010, Schloss Laufen has been a touristic highlight directly at the Rhine Falls. SV Schweiz operates the entire facility situated above Europe’s largest waterfall on behalf of the Canton of Zurich.

Carefully planned, cautiously renovated: the renovation/expansion of the castle facility (26 October 2009 to 28 March 2010) was a milestone – also in the history of the Zurich Building Department.

The complete work included:

  • Belvedere: careful replacement of the rock bolts, which were installed back in 1963 due to a rock slide
  • Interior rooms: renovation in accordance with historical preservation criteria
  • New construction: visitor centre in the former staff quarters, large playground, exhibition in the northern tract, wheelchair and stroller-accessible circular route with lift (Schlosshof–Belvedere–Känzeli)

The Cantonal Building Department called for tenders for the staging of the Rhine Falls / Schloss Laufen ensemble. The company Bellprat Associates won the bid with their concept (adventurous natural spectacle, exhibition in the castle and clearly structured visitor guidance).

SV Group has run the operation since 2009. After a public tender in 2020, the company was awarded with a contract to run the entire facility until at least 2036. Local products and boosting regional value creation are the basis of its concept.

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Head Portfolio Management
Building Department / Real Estate Office Canton of Zurich
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