Castle Tasting Menu

Spoil yourself with a seasonally changing taster menu with matching wine in the stylish ambience of Schloss Laufen.
Choose between three, four or five courses, with or without wine.

High-quality seasonal ingredients from the region, with just the right wine from our castle cellar. The 3 to 5 course taster menu, with or without wine, is a culinary composition with an international touch – seasonally changing. Welcome to the feast for the senses, each day starting at 6:00 pm in the stylish Bleuler Hall.

Castle Tasting Menu (January to March 2020)

Pigeon breast terrine on a wild herb salad

Wine accompaniment: Selection Pierre, Sauvignon blanc, Rimuss und Weinkellerei Rahm AG, Hallau (SH)

Apple velouté with home-made calf’s liver sausage crostini

Wine accompaniment: Pinot gris Auslese, FLORIN Weine, Stein am Rhein (SH)

Pear sorbet

Wine accompaniment: Bliss, Cuvée blanc, Perlwein, WeinSTAMM, Thayngen (SH)
(L) (G)

Glacier 51 - black hake on a sepia risotto with a truffle foam,Brussels sprouts and mandarine

Wine accompaniment: Fumé, Chardonnay-Räuschling, Winzerkeller Strasser, Uhwiesen (ZH)

Vanilla and chocolate custard slice

Wine accompaniment: Portos, Blauburgunder, Likörwein, GVS Weinkellerei Schachenmann (SH)

  • 3-course menu: CHF 75.00, wine accompaniment: + CHF 17.00
  • 4-course menu: CHF 87.00, wine accompaniment: + CHF 22.00
  • 5-course menu: CHF 98.00, wine accompaniment: + CHF 26.00

(L) lactose free, (G) gluten free

On request, our employees inform you about ingredients in our dishes, which can trigger allergies or intolerances.

All prices listed are per person, in Swiss francs and including VAT