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The Canton of Zurich is modernising Schloss Laufen as part of a careful restoration project. From 2009, SV Switzerland will be in charge of all the operations surrounding the castle's facilities and services as a tourist destination.

Schloss Laufen is a cultural heritage site in the Canton of Zurich. The project to restore and expand the buildings and facilities of Schloss Laufen will be under way from 26 October 2009 to 28 March 2010. It is currently one of the Canton’s principal building projects. Among the comprehensive improvements being made is replacement of the Belvedere rock anchors that were originally set in 1963 following a major rock fall.

Renovation work inside the castle is being carried out in accordance with the criteria governing the protection of historic sites and monuments. New highlights will be the visitors’ centre situated in the former staff quarters, an extensive children’s playground, an exhibition in the northern tract of the castle, and the distinctive wheelchair-accessible circular walkway with lift, from Schlosshof to Belvedere and Känzeli and back.

The tourism concept for Schloss Laufen is the result of a competition in which four companies participated. The winner was Bellprat Associates, with their idea for a natural spectacle featuring a system of clearly designated walkways and an exhibition in Schloss Laufen.

The requirements attached to the operating concept include giving preference to local products where possible in order to generate added value for the region.

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